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Kingshott Security supply and install leading brands HIK VISON and UNIVIEW to both Commercial and Residential property.

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Geovision 360 IP cameras use a fish-eye lens that enable a 360 degree securityview. These 360 security cameras use megapixel resolution to create a high definition image which enables various modes of digital pan, tilt, and zooming. Geovision fish eye cameras are available in indoor and weatherproof outdoor models.

Uniview bullet cameras


Bullet cameras and dome cameras are the most common camera types used for home and business

Bullet cameras are a variation of the box camera built into a permanently sealed weatherproof enclosure and can be used indoors or outdoors .

Dome cameras | cctv | Hemel Hempstead cctv | Kingshott security solutions


The camera unit is mounted inside a transparent dome which can be tinted to obscure the camera position. Dome cameras come in a wide variety of forms. They can be analogue or IP, fixed or mobile. PTZ domes can rotate (pan), incline (tilt) or focus closer on objects of interest (zoom).


CCtv In Hemel Hempstead

Kingshott Security Solutions installs record-ready CCTV systems. From a single camera to a network of many cameras, these products are an essential component of any crime-prevention strategy. CCTV cameras are one of the most cost-effective means of deterring the advances of potential intruders. They also help prevent vandalism and offer homeowners and businesses the comfort of knowing their property is protected and secure.

Our high-definition, IP-based cameras may be set up to cover driveways, entrances, and gardens with an infra-red night vision sensor. Users may view the CCTV footage live and remotely using smartphone applications.

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Our fully trained engineers will carry out a site survey of the property and put together a tailored package to suite your requirements.

CCTV can be extremely useful for monitoring building perimeters. 

A lot of our commercial installations have been installed to help prevent:

  • fly tipping
  • Damage to vehicles
  • Mail fraud 
  • Detection of intruders
CCTV sytems installed by Kingshott Security Solutions

Bullet cameras being installed on a block of residential flats over looking the car park and main entrances

Uniview CCTV Systems

Night and day cameras monitoring 24/7 on either continuous or motion detection 

Kingshott Security Solutions

kingshott Security Solutions supply and install cctv systems for both residential and commercial properties. Call us on 07771804918 for a free Of Charge Survey.

Contact us today, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, with enquiries about the security products we provide.